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Where can I use polycarbonate glasses?

Unlike normal glass, polycarbonate glasses can be used almost anywhere - especially where glass can’t.

There have been growing concerns over the use of glass in bars for a few years now, predominantly linked to violence and the use of glass in brawls. Not only that, but the accidental smashing on a glass can too, lead to injuries in pubs, clubs, bars and other licenced premises.

There are calls for the use of glass to be banned in a lot of premises from MP’s and there are strong petitions on this too - this only seems to be picking up pace as more stories are shared about injuries sustained through glasses.

We call polycarbonate glasses “unbreakable” due to their sheer strength. Although it’s not impossible to break a polycarbonate glass - you’ll have a real tough time trying! This makes our glasses perfect for use in pubs, clubs and bars and you’ll notice how many of these places are actually already serving in polycarbonate glasses.

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