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Polycarbonate 3 Pint Ice Lip Pitcher - 1818ml/64oz


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Polycarbonate 3 Pint Ice Lip Pitcher - 1818ml/64oz

Quick code: AG-010

Quick Overview

Features and Benefits:
- Reusable Polycarbonate
- Shatterproof
- Printable
- Glass/Dishwasher Friendly (upto 500 cycles)
- Virtually Unbreakable
- Recyclable

Just perfect for serving beer, punch, sangria or PIMMS to groups in beer gardens or late licence environments. This pitcher is just over 3 pints allowing your to easily carry it without the risk of spillage. Drop this and it bounces rather than breaks. Made of virtually indestructable polycarbonate, it passes through glass washers and comercial diswashers with ease. With no known "life" if handled correctly, your glass costs will reduce substantially and you will be able to comply with licencing and environmental regulations.

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