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Premium Polycarbonate Margarita Glass - 341ml/12oz


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Premium Polycarbonate Margarita Glass - 341ml/12oz

Quick code: AG-002

Quick Overview

Features and Benefits:
- Reusable Polycarbonate
- Shatterproof
- Printable
- Glass/Dishwasher Friendly (upto 500 cycles)
- Virtually Unbreakable
- Recyclable

A very elegant glass for a very elegant cocktail. Virtually unbreakable you can also use this for ice cream and desserts - order some and be creative.There's nothing quite like a chilled Margarita to end your day and begin your evening! The 12oz Margarita glass helps make one of the most common cocktails and this touch of flair will get the best from the drink.

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