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Polycarbonate Remedy Shot Glass - 25ml


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  • AG-014%2025ml%20Polycarb%20Remedy%20Shot%20Glass%20BB%20006-1CL%20CE.jpg AG-014%2025ml%20Polycarb%20Remedy%20Shot%20Glass%20BB%20006-1CL%20CE.jpg

Polycarbonate Remedy Shot Glass - 25ml

24 Per Case
Quick code: AG-014

Quick Overview

Features and Benefits:
- Reusable Polycarbonate
- Printable
- Glass/Dishwasher Friendly (upto 500 cycles)
- Virtually Unbreakable
- CE Marked
- Recyclable

A perfect edition to the Remedy Range of glasses, this dinky little shot is sturdy and tough and ideal for serving shots in the new modern colour of White as seen on TV. Made in best quality polycarbonate, " I can't believe it's not glass !!" This glass also comes in Clear and Black 24 glasses per case

What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a widely used alternative to tradition glass. Polycarbonate glasses have a number of benefits over glass including; wash cycles, holding drink temperatures, being virtually unbreakable and are regarded by many as being much safer than tradition glass.

Polycarbonate drinkware looks almost identical to the eye to glass and is extremely solid.

Our polycarbonate glasses are also dishwasher proof and microwave safe, they can be printed on too if you are looking to add branding for your company or event.

The glasses are generally used for outdoor events or served in outdoor environments however, they are a perfect, quality alternative for indoor use too.

Is Polycarbonate Recyclable?

Yes, all of our polycarbonate range is 100% recyclable. It also takes much less energy to produce than traditional glass as well as taking a lot less energy to recycle than glass.

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