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Is polycarbonate really unbreakable?

Is polycarbonate really unbreakable?

The problem with sayings, particularly great enthusiastic sayings, is they become popular and spread like wildfire. This can be exciting if it was you that said it, but maybe not the most helpful if exaggerated.

As far as exaggerated statements go, it is only those of a destructive nature that would say there is any exaggeration here. Used for the intended purpose and accepting accidents happen, then they are virtually unbreakable! Dropped, knocked off a table, tray or out of your hand, a glass champagne flute is destined to smash across most floor surfaces. In the same situation, the polycarbonate champagne flute will be in one piece, ready to serve again and again. Please note, they can scratch and can be damaged if intentionally neglected. We would always be advising the looking after of your Polycarbonate glasses as if they were made from real glass. This will help them maintain the high-quality finish.

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